Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stoke Validates Mobile Data Offload with Ixia

Stoke is using IxNetwork and Ixia hardware to demonstrate that its Stoke Session Exchange mobile broadband gateway device processes high volumes of Generic Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Tunneling Protocol (GTP) traffic quickly and accurately. GTP specifies a tunnel control and management protocol required for communications between network elements in 3G packet core networks and LTE evolved packet core networks.

The Stoke Session Exchange (SSX) is a highly reliable, high density gateway platform designed and developed to deliver a wide range of network gateway functions that meet the challenges of rapidly growing mobile broadband data services for 3G and LTE network deployments. Ixia's IxNetwork test solution enables Stoke to validate its ability to reliably process GTP for mobile data offload deployments today, while paving the way for expanding the SSX's role in LTE's evolved packet core tomorrow. Ixia's IxNetwork works with its test platform to transmit and receive control and data traffic to the device under test. It can simulate IPv4 and IPv6 traffic over millions of GTP tunnels while applying dynamic traffic profile control and real-time per-flow analysis across hundreds of test ports at full-line rate.

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