Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RadiSys Extends Convedia Media Servers with RFC 4117 SIP

RadiSys announced support of RFC 4117, a SIP-based interface for real-time transcoding services control, for the RadiSys' Convedia Media Server product family. RFC 4117 defines transcoding services between two SIP User Agents (UAs) using Third Party Call Control (3PCC), resulting in a simple yet effective interface for rapid transcoding application development.

In addition, RadiSys also announced a new Transcoding Processor Card (TPC-I) for the RadiSys Convedia CMS-9000 media server. The new Transcoding Processor Card (TPC-I) blade is hosted in a RadiSys Convedia CMS-9000 media server, and can work side-by-side in fully redundant configurations with existing media processing cards and system control cards in a CMS-9000 chassis.

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