Sunday, June 20, 2010

Polaris Wireless and Globecomm Partner on Managed E911 Phase II Services

Polaris Wireless, which supplies high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions, and Globecomm Systems announced a partnership designed to enable U.S. wireless operators to meet FCC E911 Phase II requirements. Globecomm is introducing a managed E911 Phase II service that leverages Polaris's E911 Phase II software solution for rapidly locating mobile-device users.

Globecomm provides range of hosted and managed communications services that leverage its satellite and terrestrial transmission capacity and a network of data center, content management and switching facilities. Globecomm will manage the E911 Phase II service from its network operations center in Hauppauge, N.Y. Polaris software will enable Globecomm GSM and CDMA hosted services customers to meet FCC Phase II requirements for providing real-time, highly precise location data to emergency responders when mobile-device users dial "911."

The Polaris solution requires no deployment of additional hardware by Globecomm or its customers; nor do the wireless operators have to make changes to their subscribers' handsets. The Globecomm managed E911 Phase II service will deliver complete network coverage and 100-percent service availability for its customers across their subscriber bases, as well as across 2G and 3G networks.

"This is an entirely new and critical distribution model for Polaris, as the partnership will expand our footprint to a much broader set of wireless operators who seek the simplicity and sustainable cost efficiency of Globecomm's value-added managed services," said Bhavin Shah, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Polaris Wireless. "We have a proven, high-accuracy location solution that 21 carriers and multiple law-enforcement agencies rely on around the world, but this partnership with Globecomm establishes the first managed E911 Phase II service based on Polaris technology."

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