Monday, June 14, 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks Develops Self-Organizing Tool for LTE Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks has developed its SON (Self Organizing Networks) capability for LTE networks. SON bypasses time-consuming manual processes in network set-up and operations. This includes automatic network configuration for handover processes, balancing mobile traffic load and minimizing the need for drive tests.

Nokia Siemens Networks' LTE SON offering is based on a hybrid concept of both centralized and localized SON mechanisms. The company said operators will benefit from faster time-to-market with operations relieved from error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. First LTE features of the Nokia Siemens Networks SON suite, which also supports GSM and WCDMA networks, are already available in the market for commercial use.

"LTE is the future of mobile network technology. We understand the strong potential it holds in redefining connectivity and revolutionizing information exchange between users across the world while on the go," said Thorsten Robrecht, head of LTE product management, Nokia Siemens Networks. "In keeping with our commitment to fuel the growth of LTE, our LTE functionality as part of the SON suite complements an already strong portfolio, enabling operators to cost-efficiently improve network quality for delivering seamless and fast connections."

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