Sunday, June 13, 2010

NetLogic's Multi-Core Processors Power Equipment in NTT DOCOMO's LTE Network

NetLogic Microsystems is supplying its multi-core, multi-threaded processors in multiple equipment designs, from eNodeB base stations to Gateways, that are deployed in NTT DOCOMO's LTE mobile network in Japan.

NTT DOCOMO's 2GHz network system comprises dual-mode WCDMA and LTE base stations, LTE core network equipment and LTE-enabled mobile devices. Compatibility with W-CDMA will enable seamless handover for devices as they move between LTE and W-CDMA service areas in the network.

DOCOMO expects to confirm 5MHz-bandwidth throughput for 37.5 Mbps downlinks and 12.5 Mbps uplinks, followed by 10MHz-bandwidth throughput for maximum 75 Mbps downlinks and 25 Mbps uplinks in selected test areas.

NetLogic Microsystems' multi-core, multi-threaded processors integrate up to eight high-performance MIPS64 cores, each with four-way simultaneous multi-threading, for a total of 32 fine-grain processor threads to mitigate latency, improve computational efficiency and throughput for network data plane and control plane processing in base stations, eNodeB, RNCs, gateways, switches, routers, ATCA and AMC service cards. The processors also offer a packet management, packet distribution and network accelerator engine, an intelligent Fast Messaging Network to maximize on-chip communications bandwidth, a superior memory sub-system, high-speed interconnects, and a broad set of acceleration engines.

  • Earlier this month, NTT DOCOMO confirmed that it has begun verification of its new commercial mobile network system based on the LTE protocol in the Tokyo area, and is expected to enter full-scale launch of the extra-high-speed LTE commercial service in December 2010.

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