Sunday, June 6, 2010

MRV Supplies Optical Transport for Santa Monica, California

The City of Santa Monica, California, has deployed MRV Communications' optical transport, network demarcation and network management products as part of its municipal network serving its business community.

Santa Monica City Net is a 10 Gbps fiber optic network that provides the opportunity to integrate data, voice and video, and efficiently manage data exchanges with business partners. The City provides access direct to local businesses through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that service Santa Monica.

Santa Monica City Net is based on MRV's LambdaDriver WDM optical transport system, OptiSwitch 9124 (OS9124) packet optical aggregation units and OptiSwitch 912 (OS912) multi-port demarcation platform, all managed and provisioned by the company's Pro-Vision software.

MRV LambdaDriver units were installed to connect Santa Monica businesses with Los Angeles' premiere data center with more than 160 ISPs and one of the major hub sites in Santa Monica. OS912 units were also installed at multi-tenant buildings throughout Santa Monica and OS9124 units were installed to aggregate data from those buildings.