Thursday, June 17, 2010

Microsoft Refocuses on Enterprise Handheld Devices

Microsoft announced several key investments in the enterprise handheld device market, including the Windows Embedded Handheld brand.

Windows Embedded Handheld is a new software platform that is scheduled to be released this calendar year and build on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform with trusted management and security features, as well as enhanced protection for existing enterprise investments in LOB applications on devices.

OEMs will be able to adapt it for enterprise handheld devices for specific business uses. It will feature enhanced connectivity to Windows-based PCs, servers and enterprise services.

Windows Embedded will also continue to support developer tools used in building applications, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Forms.

An updated Windows Embedded Handheld platform based on Windows 7 technologies (Windows Embedded Compact 7) will be released in the second half of calendar year 2011. The platform will also enable new key scenarios through support for rich user interfaces and natural input.

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