Sunday, June 13, 2010

JDSU Launches Managed Roaming Test Service

JDSU is launching a global managed roaming testing service for mobile operators. Specifically, the JDSU RoamerNet MaxG Service supports testing of advanced roaming services including video telephony and video streaming as well as existing tests for voice, data and Simple Messaging Service (SMS). The managed service also supports the testing of web applications, downloads and content verification.

The service enables operators to validate roaming Service Level Agreements and investigate any performance issues while assuring continued revenue streams from roaming. The service offers higher test throughput and capacity, improved reporting, dashboards and diagnostics.

JDSU said a chief advantage of its service is that mobile operators can avoid the CAPEX and time required to implement a testing program with all its roaming partners. JDSU claims a footprint in 100+ countries served by 200+ mobile network operators.

"Mobile operators need to continue managing the critical revenue streams they derive from roaming customers," said David Opsahl, vice president in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment. "As the mobile customer base moves beyond simple voice roaming to advanced data services and video communications, our RoamerNet MaxG managed service addresses this need head-on."