Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IBM Expands is Mobile Offerings

IBM is expanding in the mobile market with a new range of software, services and research offerings. Highlights of the announcement:

  • New analytics software and services for real-time management of remote cell towers and sites to detect problems and manage maintenance before outages can occur. The company notes that in the U.S. alone, there are more than 143,000 cellular sites that need to be managed, increasing the time and money spent on maintenance. For example, technicians need to monitor a range of components that keep the network operating such as antennas, electricity and power, air conditioning and heating, and back-up batteries. IBM's Intelligent Site Operations integrates the passive cell tower infrastructure with an organization's active network for end-to-end, continuous monitoring, management and control of all physical and digital assets and operations for improved network availability and service quality.

  • New software that bridges voice and Web communications to speed up business processes; and new collaboration software for Android-based mobile devices. IBM WebSphere CEA Mobile Widgets provide businesses and consumers with the benefits of sharing their Web experiences on handheld devices to make buying, selling, browsing, shopping and many other types of mobile transactions more efficient.IBM is also extending its collaboration software for the Android platform to Lotus Notes clients.

  • Made in IBM Labs: New R&D innovations that add intelligence to 4th generation mobile networks and devices to improve service and quality; and a new email prototype to help mobile device users more effectively identify what needs immediate action and what can be handled later in their mobile mail. The new prototype, called Mail Triage, rethinks the mobile email experience, helping users more effectively manage their email and tasks across their different devices. Mail Triage allows users to quickly assess their email and identify what needs immediate action and what can be handled later.

IBM also opened a new software development laboratory, the IBM Mass Lab - IBM's largest software development lab in North America - that will be dedicated to mobile solutions.