Sunday, June 13, 2010

HomePlug Powerline Alliance's Green PHY Spec for Smart Grid Published

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced the approval and publication of the HomePlug Green PHY (HomePlug GP) specification for Smart Grid applications.

HomePlug GP is a low power, highly reliable, cost-optimized powerline networking specification targeting Smart Grid connectivity for home energy management to devices such as HVAC, smart meters, appliances and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. The spec was developed with direct input from major utility companies and appliance manufacturers including Consumers Energy, Duke Energy, GE, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.

HomePlug GP is a key component of the HomePlug technology portfolio that includes the current HomePlug AV broadband powerline technology, and will include HomePlug AV2, the Gigabit-class next-generation powerline technology specification, due for completion in early 2011. All three specifications are fully interoperable with each other and with the IEEE's 1901 powerline standard, now completing ratification. HomePlug AV is baseline technology for the IEEE 1901 powerline standard. The HomePlug Powerline Alliance will serve as the compliance and certification body for IEEE 1901, much as the Wi-Fi Alliance certifies 802.11 products.

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