Monday, June 14, 2010

HomeGrid Forum Partners with BroadBand Forum

The HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum have agreed to develop and deliver to the market, later this year, a global compliance and interoperability testing program for products using technology -- ITU-T's unified wired home networking standard, which aims to unify the home networking of content and devices over any wire -- coaxial cable, phone lines, and power lines.

The Broadband Forum will support HomeGrid Forum's validation of products, their promotion of product conformance and interoperability, and help expedite the total time to market for HomeGrid Forum Certified products of all types. The compliance and interoperability program will enable HomeGrid Forum to certify a wide variety of products indicated with the HomeGrid Certified logo. Through this program, manufacturers will have defined guidelines to design, test, and develop products for market introduction. The HomeGrid Certified program, with the support of the Broadband Forum, will help facilitate adoption of in the market.

"The Broadband Forum has 15 years of interoperability experience, and our work spans from the core to the user. In our Connected Home Initiative, work has always supported various LAN technologies, and this collaboration is a natural outgrowth of our focus on supporting industry standards that allow for seamless networking of content throughout the home." said Robin Mersh, COO of the Broadband Forum.

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