Monday, June 21, 2010

GENBAND Unveils ATCA-based Genius Platform

Following its recent acquisition of Nortel's CVAS business, GENBAND outlined its vision and roadmap for next generation and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) networks. The product set is focused on IP multimedia applications, switching and security solutions based on open, standards-based architectures.

Key elements of the product portfolio include:

GENBAND GENiUS Platform -- Described as a cornerstone of the roadmap, the all-IP ATCA "GENiUS" will encompass GENBAND's application, call control, session border and security product lines. The GENBAND GENiUS platform will incorporate high-performance, high-density computing hardware and sophisticated Service Availability Forum (SAF) compliant middleware.

GENBAND A-Series Applications Portfolio -- will encompass a wide range of applications, from Messaging and Collaboration to Business Services and Cloud-based communication capabilities as well as third-party applications via open interfaces. GENBAND will feature the Adaptive Application Engine or A2E and the Wireless Call Continuity platform or WMG 6000 acquired from Nortel. This suite of application products is hardware-independent and can also leverage the GENBAND GENiUS ATCA platform strategy.

GENBAND C-Series Call Control Portfolio -- includes the C3 platform as well as Nortel's softswitch platforms, the CS 1500 and the CS 2000. Moving forward, the CS 1500 will be known as the C15. Leveraging the GENBAND GENiUS ATCA platform, GENBAND will also offer a C20 model with a greatly-reduced footprint, higher capacity, a broadened feature-set and simplified installation and turn-up compared to its CS 2000 predecessor. For IMS networks, the CS 2000, C20 and C15 will support both Access and Media Gateway Control Functions (AGCF / MGCF) while the C3 will support Media Gateway Control Functions (MGCF).

GENBAND G-Series Gateway Portfolio -- includes the G2 and G6 Universal Gateways, the G9 Converged Gateway as well as the former Nortel CVAS MG 9000 and MG 15000 media gateways. GENBAND's G2 and G6 access and trunking media gateways groom and consolidate TDM lines and implement a unique packet line gateway function. GENBAND's flagship G9 Converged Gateway supports fixed, wireless and emerging solutions such as IMS voice and video transcoding as well as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). The G9 product roadmap includes integrated session border control, video and enhancements to its high-definition voice functionality.

GENBAND S-Series Session Border Controller (SBC) Portfolio -- includes the S3 and S9 as well as the SR3 Session Router. The S9 SBC is based on the GENBAND GENiUS ATCA architecture. The S2 Security Gateway is a key building block of FMC solutions such as Femtocells, and WiFi-based Mobile Data Offload and Coverage solutions.

"GENBAND continues to introduce innovative IP solutions and services that cost-effectively simplify and advance our customers' networks," said Charlie Vogt, President and CEO of GENBAND. "We now possess a powerful combination of technology leadership, service capabilities, financial strength and global scale, enabling GENBAND to provide end-to-end, turn-key IP solutions that fulfill the most demanding expectations from our customers and business partners. The roadmap unveiled today clearly reflects our unparalleled focus on operator requirements and our commitment to both simplify and fuel next generation and IMS networks."

  • In May 2010, GENBAND completed its acquisition of substantially all assets of the Nortel Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions Business (CVAS). The deal combines GENBAND's next-generation media, session and security gateway technologies and Nortel's softswitch, media gateway and application technologies. The combined company will have products deployed with over two-thirds of the world's top 100 service providers and will cover broad markets including fixed, mobile, cable and broadband operators.

    GENBAND will remain headquartered in the Dallas area, with strategic product and support facilities in Ottawa, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maidenhead, Shanghai and Beijing, as well as strategic partners in India and Turkey.