Wednesday, June 2, 2010

France Surpasses 20 Million Broadband Subscriptions

As of 31 March 2010, there were 20.06 million high-speed and ultra high-speed internet subscriptions in France. The number of subscriptions increased about 370,000 over the quarter. Over one year, the growth was about 1.69 million (+9%). The number of gross sales is about 1.075 million over the quarter.

19.73 million of these subscriptions were high-speed subscriptions. The number of ADSL subscriptions (18.81 million at the end of the quarter) represented 95% of high-speed broadband subscriptions and increased by about 315,000 throughout the quarter.

As of 31 march 2010, the total base of ultra high-speed broadband subscribers in France was estimated to 330,000 (about 40,000 net adds over the quarter), all operators and all technologies combined, including:

  • 75,000 FTTH or FTTB subscribers. The total net adds (+5,000 over the quarter) is due to growth in FTTH subscriptions;

  • 255,000 other subscribers (hybrid fiber-coax solution) which increased of about 35,000 over the quarter.