Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ekinops Signs Resell Agreement with Japan's Marubeni

Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS), a solution provider of high value-added solutions and services, has agreed to sell, support, and maintain Ekinops' optical transmission equipment in the Japanese telecom service provider market.

Under the agreement, Ekinops and MSYS are working together to bring the Ekinops 360 metro, regional, and long haul DWDM platform to market in Japan.

The Ekinops 360 platform, with its T-Chip (Transport on a Chip) technology, transports a wide variety of traffic types, including SONET, video, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel. The Ekinops 360 Dynamic Multi-Reach Transport System provides DWDM and CWDM in a single solution that addresses metro, regional, and long haul applications. It offers features such as DynaMux, dynamic multiplexing functionality that allows multiplexing of any mix of protocols over a single wavelength and over any protocol on that wavelength; forward error correction, the innovative "DynaFEC", which eliminates errors in transmission and enables longer reach using software instead of expensive hardware; and WaveBonding, a low-cost, long-reach 40G technology.