Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ceragon Cuts Power Consumption with Latest Long Haul Radio

Ceragon Networks introduced the newest member of its FibeAir RFU (Radio Frequency Unit) solutions family -- a Green Mode RFU-HP model offering for 1 Gbps IP trunks. The new RFU-HP can reduce radio link power consumption by as much as 30% compared with existing solutions.

Ceragon said its Green Mode RFU-HP offers automatic control of both the power consumption as well as the transmission power, ensuring that no excess energy is used while the network operates in "steady state." Under fading conditions the power is automatically increased to compensate for signal loss and to ensure the link continues to meet the required performance level. Additional capabilities include:

  • Transmit power of up to 32dBm, both in split and all indoor configurations. The Green Mode RFU-HP feature also allows carriers to use smaller, less costly antennas without compromising the link's reach or performance.

  • High capacity -- Operating in any standard channel bandwidth up to 56 MHz, Green Mode RFU-HP delivers up to 500Mbps on a single channel, and up to 1Gbps using cross polarization Interference Canceller (XPIC).

  • All-outdoor Trunk IP Networks -- RFU-HP can be deployed in combination with Ceragon's FibeAir IP-10 solutions family in all-outdoor configurations.

  • Support for asymmetric transmission -- the RFU-HP can be used in asymmetric mode (higher bandwidths downstream, lower bandwidths upstream).

  • Adaptive Transmit Power & Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) -- Ensuring that each microwave radio is automatically optimized to provide the best performance under changing weather conditions. Adaptive transmit power is used to lower the signal output power when environmental conditions are good in order to reduce power consumption and network interference.

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