Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aricent Releases Data Center Ethernet Software

Aricent announced a new release of its Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS) specifically tailored for building Data Center Ethernet equipment. Aricent's ISS is a licensable, pre-packaged software framework that jumpstarts the development and integration of advanced switching products, and has been selected by more than 60 networking and telecom equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The new ISS release includes functions essential to delivering Ethernet in the Data Center including Priority Flow Control (PFC), Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS), congestion notification and Data Center Bridging Extensions (DCBX). Additional features targeted for the Data Center include VRF, hot-standby for OSPF and PIM, graceful restart, IS-IS integration, and enhancements to private VLAN, ACL, MLDv2, MSDP and IPv6. These capabilities, available in a licensable pre-packaged framework, represent another industry first for Aricent. ISS' Data Center features are compliant with multiple IEEE specifications, including 802.1Qbb, 802.1Qaz and 802.1QAu.

Aricent said its new Data Center feature additions are targeted at networking equipment manufacturers building products in the data center and storage markets. The company offers ISS packages for a variety of applications, from top-of-rack and end-of-row Data Center switches, to simple managed Ethernet switches to industrial Ethernet platforms, from Layer 3 switches with comprehensive routing capabilities, to metro Ethernet/carrier Ethernet applications, such as cellular/mobile backhaul, optical aggregation, DSLAMs, GPON switches, and (Multi Service Access Nodes) MSANs.

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