Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Allot Lands $4.5 million Tier-1 Contract for Service Gateway

Allot Communications announced a contract valued at $4.5 million to supply its flagship Service Gateway to a Tier-1 fixed network operator (name not disclosed). This multi-site deployment is intended to initially handle more than 1 terabit of traffic.

Allot's SG-Sigma is a deep packet inspection (DPI) platform that integrates network intelligence, policy control, and revenue-generating services in a single platform. It facilitates value-added network and subscriber services , including TierManager, Quota Manager, NetPolicy Provisioner, CellWise, MediaSwift, WebSafe and ServiceProtector .

  • Tests conducted in December 2009 by the Tolly Group confirmed that a single fully loaded SG-Sigma can deliver throughput of over 75 Gbps with less than 16 microsecond latency. According to Allot, performance can scale up to 360 Gbps with a clustered configuration of SG-Sigma platforms.

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