Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ZTE Readies 10G EPON platform for U.S. Market

At last week's Cable Show in Los Angeles, ZTE introduced a 10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) solution for U.S. multiple system operator (MSO). The solution provides a network overlay solution for MSOs to offer business Ethernet services cost effectively. The system, which has already undergone testing by one major U.S. operator,

In order to meet growing demand to support services that require much higher bandwidth such as 3DTV, virtual meetings and new cloud computing based applications, MSOs will be required to upgrade their infrastructure to next-generation access network equipment. The successful testing of ZTE's 10G EPON solution sets the stage for MSOs to deliver services to business users that require a 1 Gigabit per second speed connection as well as home users that require a 100Megabit per second speed connection. The test used the ZXA10 C300 optical line terminal (OLT) in a central office and leveraged a customer's optical network terminals (ONTs) which were made up of 10G EPON and EPON ONTs. The results demonstrated that the 10G EPON solution was able to deliver 10G and 1G over the same fibre and optical distribution network (ODN) and more importantly, that MSOs could provide 10G and 1G on the same PON platform.

"In 2009, ZTE's fixed access port shipments reached 38 million lines worldwide, serving more than 102 operators in Asia, Europe and Latin America and by the end of 2010, Chinese operators will have deployed more than 1 million lines based on 10G EPON technology," said Mr. Xu Ming, general manager of fixed network product line and VP of ZTE Corporation. "Today's successful test validates the U.S. market is ready for 10G EPON solution and we are pleased to bring our global experience to help U.S. MSOs maintain a competitive stake in the cable market by building competitive fibre access networks."


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