Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whitepaper -- Aricent

Steps to Elevating the Android Experience

Android is a true game-changer for the
mobile space, more effectively addressing the two fundamental shifts in
consumer electronics - all things connected, and exponential growth in
consumer expectations on innovation and improved usability. This is the
era of open operating systems and the growing market adoption of the
Android OS on multiple devices and the emergence of an ecosystem of
active application vendors creating new, innovative solutions clearly
underline the trend.

In order to deliver highly
differentiated Android based offerings, there is a clear need to address
the "experience gaps". In this technical report, we have outlined 5
key Steps to Elevating the Android Experience
-- areas that device
ODMs, CE Manufacturers and Service Providers need to address in order to
deliver compelling end user experiences on Android.  

the full whitepaper here: