Sunday, May 23, 2010

Verizon Tunes its 40 Gbps Optical Wave Service for Wholesale Customers

Verizon Global Wholesale is rolling out a number of enhancements for its Optical Wave Service, including new 40 Gbps on OC768c Point-to-Point Link capabilities, 10 Gbps Channelized Wave with Muxing and a versatile interconnection offer.

Verizon's Optical Wavelength Service provides a fully managed, point-to-point circuit over a dedicated wavelength that runs across its ROADM-based shared network infrastructure. The wholesale service enables other carriers to directly monitor network performance and alarms.

Verizon's Optical Wave Service is now supporting 40 Gbps point-to-point transport. This new 40 Gbps capacity interfaced as an OC768c link, offering four times the capacity that was previously available.

The second new capability gives carriers the option of a 10G channelized (or multiplexed) wave service back to a point of presence. This allows them to aggregate lower speed services at a Verizon switching center location onto the 10G channelized wave service. In addition, customers can also deliver Optical Wave Service from a customer premises into a collocation space.

A third key enhancement allows the Optical Wave Service to interconnect with Verizon's SONET ring services (for example, IntelliLight Optical Transport Service and Integrated Optical Service). The enhancement enables ring customers to further embed and expand their network capabilities into a region with the simple provisioning of OWS circuits that run off of the ring at Verizon switching centers, avoiding the more costly connection process, which requires adding nodes to a ring. With provisioning, the capacity of the metro rings can be expanded less expensively and traffic fed onto the rings more economically, dropping the per-bit cost of data services.

"Our goal in creating new Optical Wave Service enhancements is to expand our fiber-based transport services, using the power of our metropolitan networks and the reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers (ROADM) that power them so that our point-to-point wavelength services can deliver extremely high-quality and very cost-effective transport," said Matthew Duckworth, director of product marketing for Verizon Global Wholesale. "This is just the beginning of our efforts to continue to meet our wholesale customers' needs for bandwidth and reliable transport services that will help them succeed in the marketplace."

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