Thursday, May 6, 2010

Verizon Global Wholesale Offers VoIP Security Tunnel

Verizon Global Wholesale announced new VoIP security functionality for three of its product platforms -- SIP Gateway Service, Advanced Toll Free IP Termination, and Carrier IP Termination Transport. The new capability allows these services to share a single, secure virtual private network connection called an IP Security (or IPSec) tunnel.

Verizon said it is the only major provider offering this connection, which provides additional security during call setup. Because IPSec is an industry standard and supported by most major equipment vendors, there is no need to create vendor-specific security protocols.

"We bypass other security protocols in favor of IPSec tunnel because it offers the greatest level of flexibility to meet our customers' security needs for VoIP traffic." said Mike Yancey, director of wholesale voice services for Verizon Business. "Verizon wholesale customers can rest assured we go the extra mile to protect their business traffic on our world-class global network."

An IPSec tunnel maintains integrity and confidentiality because all data is encrypted prior to transmission, then authenticated upon receipt to verify the data has not been altered. The source of the data is also authenticated to prevent the possibility of such security breaches as "spoofing" an IP address -- a fraudulent network technique in which a program or person masquerades as another.

Verizon's wholesale VoIP products continue to grow as more customers migrate from traditional voice platforms to IP platformshttp://www.verizon.comhttp://