Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ukraine's ETHER Demos DVB-SH with Alcatel-Lucent

The Ukrainian Television and Radio Company ETHER has successfully completed field tests of the DVB-SH format (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite services on Handhelds) using the UHF band -- a band typically used for residential television broadcasting and mobile broadcasting DVB-H. This test, which was conducted with Alcatel-Lucent, showed an increase of coverage by DVB-SH through the UHF band compared with legacy DVB-H networks and technologies.

ETHER is Ukrainian telecommunication operator with a license for digital broadcasting in the DVB-H standard.

The DVB-SH standard, part of the DVB family and adopted by ETSI since 2008, is an evolution of DVB-T and DVB-H. As a hybrid system DVB-SH enables direct reception of multimedia broadcast content both via terrestrial repeaters and also to complement distribution via satellite. It also enables hybrid terrestrial broadcasting to both mobile and fixed TV services in the same multiplex. DVB-SH is increasingly seen as the technology of choice for mass broadcasting of television to a broad number of user devices simultaneously.