Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ookla Clocks Average Global Broadband Speed at 7.6 Mbps

The average global download speed is 7.6 Mbps, according to a newly release study from Ookla, the company that operates the popular speedtest.net bandwidth testing service. Ookla conducts more than one million speed and quality tests daily, primarily through its Speedtest.net and Pingtest.net sites, and has completed more than 1.5 billion tests to date.

Using data from its servers, Ookla is able to capture specific broadband metrics than can be correlated geographically. These include upstream/downstream bandwidth, latency and jitter.

Some highlights of the Ookla report:

  • The top countries by download speed are South Korea (36.5Mbps), Latvia (23.3Mbps), Republic of Moldova (21.5Mbps), Japan (20.3Mbps) and Sweden (19.8Mbps).

  • In the U.S., the top performing states are Delaware (15.6Mbps), Rhode Island (15.2Mbps), Massachusetts (15Mbps), New Jersey (14.1Mbps) and Virginia (13.6Mbps); the state with the lowest performance, according to Net Index, is Alaska at 2.8Mbps average download speed.

  • The city with the fastest average broadband worldwide is Seoul, South Korea (34.49 Mbps), while the city with the fast broadband in the U.S. is San Jose, California (15.02 Mbps)

"By focusing our first Indexes on household broadband, we are able to deliver the most accurate and meaningful data needed to help drive decisions within government, carriers and ISPs. Ookla is in a unique position to provide this valuable information, and we're extremely pleased to be making our Net Index site available to the public," said Mike Apgar, co-founder and managing partner of Ookla.