Monday, May 3, 2010

NTT America Announces U.S. Enterprise Cloud based on OpSource

NTT America has introduced an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant public cloud solution to its customers in the U.S. market. The solution leverages OpSource's cloud capabilities, the NTT Communications' Global IP Network and NTT America's highly secure data center infrastructure.

The NTT America Cloud is an extension of the company's suite of virtualization services based on the VMware virtualization platform. This provides enterprises with the ability to rapidly build, deploy and manage their own networks and servers in a highly secure environment. It supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Red Hat and CentOS, and is backed by an industry-leading SLA which includes a 100% uptime guarantee.

Customers will have the ability to rapidly provision dedicated VLAN's; configure firewalls, deploy server environments and manage those environments from anywhere in the world. Customers can configure and turn on resources as needed, and shut them down when they are no longer required, making the solution highly scalable and cost-effective. All of this can be controlled via a self service portal or automated through an API.

Components of NTT America Cloud include: CPU Hours; RAM Hours; Storage Hours; Networks (per hour per additional network); Inbound Bandwidth (per GB); Sub-Administrators (per hour per additional admin). Services are available on a Month-To-Month, Pay-As-You-Go basis with no annual commitment. Customers may also select pre-paid monthly plans at reduced rates with overages paid on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

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