Thursday, May 13, 2010

NSN Develops Tools for Mobile User Data Analysis

Nokia Siemens Networks introduced new "charge@once" business analytics software helps to measure whether an operator is genuinely improving the experience for its customers and enhancing the business value of its customer relations. The software provides a set of predefined reports and dashboards for revenue analysis, customer segmentation, service and product use. The dashboards can be customized and personalized providing a user-friendly presentation of information and metrics. Extensive charging data analysis capabilities complement vendor's recently launched Insight & Experience Framework.

NSN said its new software will help operators assess the revenue potential of offers, compare the impact of marketing campaigns across revenue, usage, and subscriptions, gain a clear view on figures such as how often customers recharged their prepaid account per offer and provide insights into customer churn, how often subscribers bought a voucher to recharge their accounts, and usage of specific services.

"Telco operators can only develop sound marketing strategies based on comprehensive, up-to-date insight into what their customers are doing," said Rick Centeno, head of Charging, Billing and Care at Nokia Siemens Networks. "This software helps operators develop effective strategies to optimize and adapt their market offerings and business propositions and then measure the effects of those changes." According to Nokia Siemens Networks research operators worldwide consider the improvement of their subscribers' experience as their most important business goal for 2012.

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