Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nokia's Ovi Life Tools Launched in China

Nokia launched its Ovi Life Tools
(Nokia Ovi Sheng Huo Tong) in China, providing information services covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment. The service addresses the needs of rural consumers with the vision to provide livelihood and life-impacting benefits to improve their economic prosperity and quality of life. The Nokia 1616 and the Nokia 1800 are the first two phones to support the new service.

According to Sun Xiaoming, Deputy Director of China Rural Technology Development Center of China's Ministry of Science and Technology, "Currently there are almost 732 million rural residents in China: which is roughly 55 percent of the total population. The Chinese Government has consistently placed rural issues as a top priority, and this includes the development, access and dissemination of information to people in rural areas. Fast and effective communication coupled with locally relevant information will help promote economic growth and productivity.

The SMS- based service will be in simplified Chinese and is offered with six major partners -, Beijing Nongxintong Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Etiantian Net Educational Technology Co. Ltd (Beijing Sizhong Ltd.), British Council, Kongzhong Corporation and The service is available to consumers via subscription or on demand. Consumers can activate the service from an icon on the menu of the device and can choose any one of four selected services for a 2-week free trial.

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