Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Metaswitch Tunes its Service Broker

Metaswitch announced a series of enhancements to its Service Broker, which is a network element that a network element that resides between the service layer and the converging network. The Service Broker's new capabilities ease the transition from legacy intelligent network (IN) to next-generation environments. These enhancements include:

Additional Prepackaged Inter-working Support: Further enhances the Service Broker IM-SSF /Reverse IM-SSF functionality by introducing four additional pre-defined and configurable inter-working solutions which expand the current portfolio to 21 of the major revenue-generating telecom applications.

Service Creation Environment (SCE) for Service Broker Inter-Working XML Scripting: This Visual Studio® add-in adds support for in-line help and syntax checking for Service Broker XML Scripting. The tool enables system integrators and network engineers to modify service logic for application interworking and eliminates the need for custom configuration and costly professional services and/or proprietary solutions.

Enhanced SIP Compliance: SIP Element route integrity checking and fault detection enhances the Service Broker's ability to deliver service interaction and orchestration in SIP/NGN/IMS networks.

Enhanced Third-Party Media Support Via H.248: Further enhances the Service Broker ability to control existing media gateways for bearer delivery and interworking which eliminates the need for and expense of adding new costly media gateways and added rack space every time a new service is introduced up to a new network. H.248 interoperability also extends to Metaswitch's own MG2510 and MG3510 gateways, creating a true "one-stop shop" for application and network convergence.

  • Earlier this year, Metaswitch Networks acquired AppTrigger, which supplies Service Broker solutions for carriers, for an undisclosed sum. AppTrigger pioneered the Service Broker concept with its Ignite platform, which is today deployed in multiple tier one networks worldwide. Service Brokers, a network element that resides between the service layer and the converging network, are traditionally decoupled from the core switch and the service execution or service creation environment. Service Brokers efficiently manage service interaction and network orchestration with key features such as IM-SSF, SCIM, IN to IN Trigger Management, Protocol/Call Flow Management and Subscriber Data Management Interaction.


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