Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Level 3 Teams with GlobeNet

Level 3 Communications has formed a partnership with GlobeNet, an international provider of submarine cable transmission capacity, to offer transport and high-speed Internet services between North and South America.

Through the relationship, Level 3 will be able to offer its high-speed Internet protocol (HSIP) services packaged with GlobeNet's sub-sea cable capacity on routes between South America and North America. GlobeNet will be able to offer its sub-sea cable capacity packaged with Level 3's HSIP services.

"With the increasing desire for high-quality global communications, it is crucial for network enablers to leverage infrastructure that is scalable, efficient, and capable of operating across the Americas," said Erick Contag, chief operating officer for GlobeNet. "We are pleased that our relationship with Level 3 will extend our international capabilities and increase our customers' access to premium data and IP services."http://www.level3.com

  • In March 2010, GlobeNet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oi (formerly Brasil Telecom), completed the upgrade of the 22,000 kilometer submarine cable system linking the United States with Latin America. In addition to the submarine sections, Alcatel-Lucent upgraded the landing points in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil), Maiquet�a (Venezuela), St.David's (Bermuda), Boca Raton and Tuckerton, Fla. In Rio de Janeiro, the submarine network integrates with the terrestrial optical infrastructure of GlobeNet's parent company, Oi. Alcatel-Lucent also managed the installation, deployment and commissioning of the system.

    This project, the second upgrade in approximately 18 months, enables GlobeNet to deliver more than 110 Gbps of capacity, enabling GlobeNet to expand its wholesale service offering to include broadband, carrier Ethernet, fixed and mobile IP-based and traditional voice services as well as applications such as hosting, video conferencing and international private line services.