Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JDSU Boosts Mobile Service Assurance Portfolio

JDSU introduced a set of enhancements for its mobile service assurance portfolio, which was recently acquired from Agilent. These enhancements address voice and data service quality challenges faced by mobile operators as the volume of high-bandwidth traffic continues to grow. The service assurance solution enhancements include:

Managing IP data growth with 100 percent improvement in Gn data monitoring. This is fundamental for performance and scalability, and is available as a simple software upgrade for existing customers.

Managing the growth of the control plane -- the complicated transactions that set up mobile voice and data calls -- with a cutting-edge 4th generation IP Probe. The new probe enables far-better performance with much less hardware, saves up to 80 percent in operating and capital expenses and reduces power consumption by 37 percent.

Enhanced Customer Troubleshooting (ECT). ECT allows operators to quickly troubleshoot high-value customers by name and store control plane data for up to a year.

Obtaining the cell ID from network core monitoring. This capability locates problems for deeper troubleshooting with other tools such as JDSU's Drive Test Systems and Systems Analyzer Real Time (SART), helping to avoid speculative and expensive "truck rolls" to network locations where problems do not exist.

"JDSU's mobile assurance enhancements will help support operators facing the 40-100-fold increase in data traffic expected with the deployment of LTE networks, bringing dramatic improvements in performance, scalability and IP monitoring, as well as new applications that enable quick and personalized troubleshooting," said Tom Smith, senior vice president in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment.

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