Monday, May 3, 2010

Ixia Tests IEEE 1588v2 and Synch-E For Mobile Backhaul

Ixia introduced an end-to-end testing solution for converged mobile backhaul networks -- from the radio base station to the mobile packet core. The test suite now include measurement for conformance validation, interoperability, precision and performance of devices and networks used for mobile backhaul, including IEEE 1588v2 and ITU-T Sync-E-based time synchronization standards. These two new timing protocol standards enable mobile voice traffic to be carried over Ethernet backhaul link while maintaining network synchronization.

Ixia said its new IEEE 1588v2 and ITU-T Sync-E synchronization protocol support enables network equipment manufacturers and service providers to ensure the functionality, scale, and performance of their timing protocol implementation, which are needed for wireless mobile backhaul. Ixia's solutions cover a full spectrum of Carrier Ethernet testing needs, including standardized Metro Ethernet Forum tests standardized such as MEF 9, 14, 21, 24, and 25.

"With the increase in data, video, and voice traffic from mobile devices and skyrocketing numbers of mobile broadband subscribers, mobile network operators are choosing IP and Ethernet to stay ahead of bandwidth demands. This effectively is unifying the wired and wireless services over a common technology infrastructure," said Joe Zeto, Ixia Senior Marketing Evangelist. "Ixia's converged IP platform and test solution allows our customers to completely validate their deployments and upgrades before going live, guaranteeing that their networks are properly provisioned and ready for prime-time."

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