Sunday, May 2, 2010

Excelocity and Aricent Partner on Multi-Service Business Gateway

Excelocity and Aricent have developed a Multi-Service Business Gateway reference design based on the Intel CAP24-60 hardware platform. The solution integrates Excelocity's XL-Gateway, a framework for building Voice/Video IP solutions, and Aricent's Converged Access Software (CAS), a software framework for multi-service gateways for the Intel CAP24-60 Multi-Service Business Gateway reference HW platform.

The Excelocity XL-Gateway Framework introduces a new class of an open (software development kit) SDK for the development of embedded Multimedia (Voice/Video) gateways. It offers high level APIs for call, media, signaling and OAMP control. It has been pre-integrated with third party TDM and IP signaling protocol stacks and provides the multimedia path and call control for all combinations of FXS, FXO, ISDN, CAS and SIP calls over PSTN, LAN and WAN networks.

Aricent's CAS spans several product categories such as Residential/Home Gateways, Business Service Routers and Multi-Services Business Gateways (MSBGs). CAS enables vendors to develop integrated modular devices on a single software platform.

"The combination of the Excelocity's XL-Gateway, Aricent's CAS, and Intel's CAP24-60 robust reference hardware platform, provides a strong development platform for developing scalable multi-service gateway solutions," said Steve Price, performance products marketing director, Intel.