Monday, May 10, 2010

BelAir Pushes Wi-Fi Policy Enforcement to the Access Point

BelAir Networks introduced a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) module that integrates directly with a carrier's edge (routing and tunneling) and core (policy management) systems. The BelAirOS PEP embeds policy enforcement, traditionally an edge-based function, into any BelAir Networks Access Point (AP). The BelAirOS PEP complements the BelAirOS Carrier Security Module (CSM), which enables network security and access control to be enforced on any BelAir Networks AP.

BelAirOS PEP supports:

  • Core-to-customer QoS: Application and customer specific parameters can be supported right to the end user, enabling differentiated service levels for voice, video and multimedia traffic

  • Local offload: Basic data services are offloaded locally, reducing edge network traffic and resource requirements

  • Dynamic tunnel creation: Traffic qualifying for network-wide mobility, premium service levels, and legal intercept are identified at the AP and tunneled to the carrier edge

  • Multi-carrier virtual networks: Enables resource sharing among multiple service providers while integrating with each of their policy management systems

"For our Tier 1 service providers, Wi-Fi is not just a series of disparate hotspots, operated and managed apart from their other wireless or wireline networks. Wi-Fi is an extension of their carrier network infrastructure," said Stephen Rayment, CTO, BelAir Networks. "By bringing policy enforcement intelligence to our Wi-Fi access points, BelAir Networks gives cable operators and mobile carriers the power to deliver a broader range of customer services while using fewer network resources."