Monday, May 10, 2010

BelAir Delivers Better Wi-Fi in Stadiums and Crowded Sites

BelAir Networks introduced an improved solution for delivering Wi-Fi in crowded stadiums, concerts, fairs and other locations with very high user density. The BelAirOS Very High Capacity and Interference (VHCI) solution, which is engineered for 10x the wireless density of a typical enterprise, encompasses Wi-Fi access point (AP) software, monitoring and management features, and network planning guidelines.

The company said its BelAirOS VHCI delivers high Wi-Fi throughput while minimizing interference and its effects by:

  • Controlling the size of the cell

  • Controlling self-interference

  • Minimizing packet collisions in the air

  • Automating and adapting settings to the real time system needs

  • Providing real time visibility in the network performance.

The VHCI module includes adaptive cell size control, modulation control, AP load balancing and monitoring features. The module, which can be used with any BelAir Networks indoor or outdoor APs, also incorporates easy to follow planning rules for both fixed installations and rapid temporary installs. It has been field-proven in venue crowds of up to 75,000 people per day.


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