Sunday, May 16, 2010

AT&T Creates Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions Group

AT&T has formed a new group within its Business Solutions unit to accelerate the delivery of advanced mobile applications and solutions for traditional and emerging devices for enterprise users.

The group - to be called Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions - will complement AT&T's Emerging Devices Organization which focuses on devices that are wirelessly enabled for consumers. The unit will work with developers and third-party providers to help co-innovate and deliver applications in a network and cloud-based environment that easily allows them to extend new services down to any desired device.

Michael Antieri has been named President of the Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions unit and assumes responsibility for the development, sales and deployment of mobile applications and solutions for enterprises.

"Companies today are more mobile than ever, traveling to clients, working from remote locations, using devices to communicate while on the move, and wirelessly connecting devices to each other," said Ron Spears, President and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions. "With millions of workers now using smartphones, netbooks and rugged devices, and with multiple industries now adopting machine-to-machine applications, we see a tremendous opportunity to bring the power of our networking expertise and assets to help companies everywhere 'go mobile' by mobilizing their business processes to take advantage of real-time information and transactions to do business more efficiently and productively."

Over the last two years, AT&T has tripled the number of business subscribers who are using integrated devices. In the last year alone, the company has seen a 60 percent increase in business subscribers, as "enterprise-class" devices and applications continue to proliferate within a host of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail, trade, construction, transportation, government education and healthcare.

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