Sunday, May 9, 2010

AppliedMicro Readies New Energy-Efficient Processors for Consumer Devices

AppliedMicro introduced a new line energy-efficient embedded processors for consumer devices ranging from gateways, control panels and energy meters to network attached storage systems, Wi-Fi access points, IP phones, residential gateways, etc. The AppliedMicro APM8018x family supports CPU frequencies up to 800 MHz. High-speed interfaces include PCIe, SATA, GigE, SDIO, TDM and USB 2.0. Estimated performance is 912 Dhrystone MIPS and typical power consumption is 0.3 Watts in standby mode, and up to 1.5 Watts at 600 MHz.

The AppliedMicro APM8018x family will come in three variants: 8018x-400, the 8018x-600, and 8018x-800 and will be available in two different packages in 10x10-mm BGA and 14x14-mm BGA. Samples of the processor are expected in June 2010 and full production quantities are scheduled for the third quarter. Pricing is under $10 for 10,000-unit quantities.

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