Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ZTE Reports 2009 Revenue of US$8.8 Billion, up 36% YoY

ZTE Corporation reported 2009 revenue of approximately US$8.821 billion, representing an increase of 36.08% against 2008. Net profit was USD359.7 million, representing an increase of 48.06% against 2008. Basic earnings per share were USD0.21. In 2009, net cash flow from operating activities per share was US$0.28.

ZTE's Board of Directors recommended payment of a final dividend for the year ended 2009: the creation of 5 shares for every 10 shares and a cash dividend of USD0.44 for every 10 shares (including tax).

During the year, the Group's revenue from domestic operations amounted to US$4.45 billion, representing a year-on-year growth of 74.04%. 3G network construction in China was a primary factor, as ZTE emerged to become China's largest supplier of 3G network equipment for the three leading carriers.

ZTE's international operations grew to US$4.371 billion, 11.34% more year-on-year, and accounted for49.56% of the total revenue of the Group.

"In 2009, our Group attained significant breakthroughs and growth in the mainstream product of carriers' network. In the mainstream market, we topped the overall ranking for the PRC 3G market during the reporting period, while revenue from Europe and America was growing fast as a percentage of the Group's sales revenue from international markets. We succeeded in making major breakthroughs in the mainstream market on the back of our strengths in research and development as well as our ability in swift network delivery, winning contracts to build commercial networks in major cities around the world for mainstream carriers such as CSL, KPN and Telenor," stated Mr. Hou Weigui, Chairman of ZTE.

ZTE noted a rapid growth in wireless terminals for 2009. The company shipped 60 million wireless terminals including more than 40 million handsets and 20 million data cards in 2009. More than 70% of all ZTE shipments in 2009 were to international markets. This represents a 33% growth over 2008.


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