Monday, April 26, 2010

Xilinx Unveils ARM-Based Processing Architecture

Xilinx introduced a new Extensible Processing Platform architecture that leverages ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processors for embedded systems. The Xilinx Extensible Processing Platform presents a processor-centric design and development approach for achieving high compute and processing horsepower required to drive tasks involving high-speed access to real-time inputs, high-performance processing and complex digital signal processing.

"Today's embedded software developer is being tasked to build complex applications that require tremendous levels of system performance, and they need to deliver that performance within tightly managed cost, schedule and power budgets," said Vin Ratford, Xilinx Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing and Business Development. "By creating an architecture within a familiar ARM processor-based development framework, this new Extensible Processing Platform can be the engine of innovation for many design teams held back today by performance bottlenecks."

Xilinx said its Extensible Processing Platform is especially relevant for next-generation wireless base stations, which can leverage parallel processing of 4G signals in combination with multiuser data management on Cortex A9 processors - all in a small, power-efficient, cost-effective integrated solution. Because the platform is extensible, developers have the flexibility to implement future equipment updates and performance upgrades of both hardware and software.