Monday, April 12, 2010

Voltaire Adds Virtualized Data Center Mgt to GigE Fabrics

Voltaire introduced new Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) software that orchestrates physical and virtual switches over high-performance Ethernet switching fabrics, thereby delivering guaranteed levels of service per application. By using an application-centric, real-time approach, UFM enables data center operators to monitor and manage the entire fabric, maximize fabric resource utilization and enforce security and isolation policies. The software can identify network congestions and take corrective action before any potential performance degradation occurs ensuring the guaranteed levels of service.

"Voltaire's unique approach to data center networking includes intelligent management and application acceleration software offerings that work in combination with the switched infrastructure to enable extremely high-performance, dynamic data centers," said Asaf Somekh, vice president of marketing, Voltaire. "The new software we're introducing today is optimized for Voltaire's Vantage 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and also enhances the performance of many third-party 10GbE switching platforms."

Voltaire also introduced Voltaire Messaging Accelerator (VMA) software for Ethernet fabrics. VMA software provides seamless Ethernet IP multicast connectivity, with transport latency (RTT/2) as low as 3.5 microseconds and application-to-application latency as low as 7 microseconds.

Voltaire said its VMA boosts performance of high frequency trading applications, including NYSE Technologies' Data Fabric, 29West LBM, RTI DDS and others developed in-house, cutting latency by as much as 80% and increasing application throughput per server, as compared to applications running on traditional Ethernet interconnect networks. VMA software runs on Voltaire Vantage switches and other industry-standard 10 GbE Ethernet networks and requires no changes to the application.

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