Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vitesse Debuts 40x40 Crosspoint Switch

Vitesse Semiconductor introduced an asynchronous 40x40-port crosspoint switch optimized for video delivery in high-density professional broadcast routing/switching equipment.

The VSC3340 cross-point switch offers 260 Gbps of aggregate capacity with full support of HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and SMPTE protocols.

Significantly, it features a Green Mode that dynamically reduces power when not needed by as much as 54% compared to existing solutions. As the broadcast video industry migrates to higher bandwidth protocols and 3 Gbps high definition (3G-SDI) feeds, networks and studio equipment must manage up to thousands of live links while maintaining signal integrity and system performance. Energy consumption is also paramount as channel counts and densities increase in limited areas such as HD production studios and datacenters housing this equipment. Vitesse said the device's energy savings are as low as 95 mW per channel in 3.2 Gbps mode. In this design, only those channels with active signals dissipate power.

In addition, the VSC3340 incorporates Vitesse's FlexEQ adaptive equalization technology, which counters signal degradation over various transmission media types and lengths.