Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Verizon Wins $100 Million Agreement with Mitsui

Verizon Business announced an agreement valued at $100 million to help Mitsui build a new, fully managed global communications and IT platform. Specifically, Verizon Business will deploy and manage an integrated global IT, communications, data center and networking solution, supported by comprehensive managed services, security and IT consulting offerings.

Mitsui had previously worked with regional carriers around the globe, leading to duplicate platforms, processes and costs.

Verizon Business will provide a scalable, high-capacity global managed Private IP network for the company's voice and data communications that will serve as the foundation for new collaboration services such as audio, net and video conferencing. Verizon Business will manage Mitsui's key business applications in both Mitsui's own data centers and Verizon Business's fully redundant, secure data centers, and will also manage the company's IP PBX services, helping Mitsui transition its telephony services to a secure and resilient voice-over-IP platform. This will be realized in conjunction with Mitsui's existing information technology partners -- Fujitsu, Hitachi, MKI and NEC. Additionally, Verizon Business will provide managed e-mail, managed network security services and comprehensive desktop support.