Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Verizon Enhances On-Demand Cloud Computing

Verizon Computing as a Service, or CaaS, has been upgraded to include the following features:

  • Server Cloning - Provides IT administrators with the option to customize the configuration of a CaaS virtual server and then create a golden, or reference, server image. This eliminates the need to manually create the same server image multiple times and enables the rapid deployment of server clones supporting the same corporate application.

  • Application and Operating System Expansion - The SUSE Linux operating system is now supported on the Verizon CaaS platform as a standard service offering. Linux software is used with commonly deployed enterprise resource planning packages. In addition, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has been added as a "click-to-provision" database server option.

  • Expanded Networking Flexibility - Enterprises now have expanded and streamlined networking options - virtual router and shared virtual private networks, including Verizon Private IP - for connecting back-end systems to Verizon CaaS via the online portal. In addition, customers can purchase metered, burstable bandwidth up to 1Gbps to meet immediate requirements for temporary computing capacity.

In addition to adding new features, Verizon has successfully completed the first annual SAS 70 Type II examination of controls for its CaaS data centers.

Verizon said its long term strategy is to move to an "everything-as-a-service" (EaaS) model, where cloud-based converged solutions are securely delivered through managed and professional services over the company's global IP network.