Sunday, April 11, 2010

Verizon Conducts National Disaster Recovery Exercise

Verizon is conducting a national disaster recovery exercise at one of its major facilities this week.

The scenario: Two planes - a commercial airliner and a smaller private aircraft -- collide in mid-air over northern Virginia. Debris from the airliner lands on Verizon's large Ashburn campus, only a few miles from the Dulles International Airport, and pieces from the smaller plane fall into a nearby Verizon network field operation garage where several company vehicles are parked. Immediately, a call will be placed to Verizon's Business Continuance and Emergency Management team, which will activate Verizon's National Emergency Coordination Center, and the disaster recovery exercise will be under way.

"No matter what type of catastrophic event occurs, we must be prepared to facilitate immediate recovery so we can continue serving our enterprise, government and consumer customers even in the most difficult conditions," said Dick Price, Verizon wireline chief business continuance officer. "One of the best ways we can test our emergency response procedures and skills is during training exercises. Training also helps us improve our response time."http://verizon.comhttp://