Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unions Seeks Employment Assurances in Qwest-CenturyLink Deal

The Communications Workers of America voiced its concern over the merger "cost synergies" that were described as a driving factor for the recently announced Qwest Communications + CenturyLink deal.

In a press statement, the CWA said "Our nation is plagued by job cuts and Wall Street terms like 'merger synergies' that are often just shorthand for job cuts or pay cuts. President Obama's job summit and recent legislation put jobs front and center, not just at a conference but in all governmental decision-making.

Just weeks ago, the Federal Communications Commission published its broadband plan. Central to the plan is a one gigabit build-out to anchor institutions in every community, and by 2015, a build-out of 50 megabits down and 20 megabits up to 80 percent of households.

We will work with management, and with the FCC and state regulators, to make sure that this merger offers specific commitments to meet these goals."http://www.cwa-union.orghttp://

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