Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stoke Configures Portable Offload Lab

Stoke has assembled a Portable Offload Lab to demonstrate the capabilities of its mobile data offload (MDO) solution in 3G environments. The lab, which is a self-contained network of standards-compliant communications equipment, will travel over the next six months to mobile data operators in Japan, Hong Kong, South East Asia, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, India and the US. Stoke's MDO can be used to offload mobile bits from the mobile core to a less costly data path while improving the user experience. Additionally, its insight and management capabilities enable operators to identify and maintain control of desired traffic types.

Stoke's lab enables recreation of both user and operator experiences using non-offload and offload scenarios, including the insertion and removal of the application in the network without impacting subscriber sessions or requiring changes to existing mobile network elements. The lab incorporates servers, clients, and routers to simulate traffic demand and provide packet transport, with Stoke's SSX-3000 mobile broadband gateway running SMDO.

"Incumbent suppliers' solutions to mobile data overload are cumbersome at best," said Vikash Varma, president and CEO of Stoke, "They require re-engineering of the network and software and potentially hardware upgrades across the mobile data core and into the RAN, costing millions of dollars and countless weeks to deploy. And many of these solutions are yet to be developed. Stoke's Mobile Data Offload solution is a precision offload solution to a data plane capacity challenge. It is simple to deploy, radically improves the economics of the infrastructure and, by enabling greater control and visibility over traffic, creates a platform for the delivery of new service offerings."

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