Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sonus Networks Enhances its NBS-9000 Network Border Switch

Sonus Networks announced significant enhancements to its existing NBS-9000, offered as a software upgrade on its proven GSX platform. The enhancements to the NBS-9000 include:

Improved Access SBC Functionality: improved security features to monitor and maintain SLAs with individual devices - especially useful in an access SBC environment. In addition, there is increased support for industry standards like SIPConnect and SIP-B that enables NBS-9000 to accommodate diverse SIP implementations from a wide variety of clients, devices and SIP servers. The product also adds integration support for third party PCRF implementations, making it more adaptable to the varying customer deployment configurations.

Adverse Condition Recovery: The NBS-9000 enhances support of network operations and emergency call handling in the event of network outages or adverse network conditions. In addition, new multi-level preemption and precedence features allow certain calls to have priority over existing calls in the network. These sets of enhancements enable Sonus to serve government and emergency network deployments.

Enhanced Call Control and Routing: The NBS-9000 now supports additional congestion control features that allow it to throttle messages to peers that are overloaded, improving overall network health. In addition, the NBS has added support to query multiple DNS servers to augment its market leading routing capabilities. The NBS-9000 can now directly interface to ENUM servers to bring more efficiency to routing.

Higher Capacity, More Cost Effective Deployment: Hardware capacity improvements now permit the NBS-9000 to scale to even greater transcoding densities and call rates, bringing increased deployment efficiencies.


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