Sunday, April 18, 2010

Savvis Offers Latency Monitoring Tools for Financial Customers

Savvis will begin providing enhanced latency and connectivity monitoring capabilities for its financial services clients across the globe. Specifically, Savvis will be able to proactively monitor, troubleshoot and maintain the high-performance and low-latency of exchange and liquidity venue connectivity within its data centers and its integrated global network. As part of this effort, Savvis will be taking advantage of Corvil's latency management for electronic trading and market data.

CorvilClear will share latency information across Savvis' financial network and can provide data to all customers via the SavvisStation portal. CorvilClear will also monitor the latency and quality of hundreds of market data feeds delivered from venues to customers in Savvis data centers, as well as customer sites.

Savvis offers secure, high-availability, direct connectivity to hundreds of exchange feeds and other execution venues around the world, such as BATS Global Markets, NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange.


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