Sunday, April 11, 2010

NTT Europe Launches Smart Media Delivery Services

NTT Europe has launched a Smart Media Delivery service that provides optimization, delivery and monetization of multi-platform audio and video content.

NTT Europe's Smart Media Delivery, which is based on Flumotion's multi-format streaming technology, offers a complete suite of tools for each stage of the online media value chain, from signal acquisition for live events, media encoding and multi-format transcoding, live and on-demand streaming and hosting to advertising integration, reporting, pay-per view billing and traffic data analysis.

Flumotion's WebTV technology enables Smart Media Delivery customers to manage the publication, distribution and syndication of video content, including both advertising and subscription-based monetization. The package includes an interactive and highly customizable stand-alone player for a truly enhanced viewing experience.

NTT Europe's Smart Media Delivery services runs across NTT Communications' Tier 1 IP network backbone.