Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NTT Com to Offer Dual-stack Global IP-VPN Service Worldwide

NTT Com is rolling out a worldwide commercial IPv6-compatible IP-VPN service based on MPLS. The service will provide dual-stack connectivity for NTT Com's Arcstar Global IP-VPN via synchronous transfer mode (STM), Ethernet or cross-connect access lines. The service is now available in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Launches in other markets will follow.

NTT Com said that by allowing both protocols to be used on the same network, its VPN service enables enterprises to retain existing IPv4 architecture while gradually transitioning to IPv6 in a relatively smooth, low-cost manner. Most Arcstar Global IP-VPN optional services will be available, including quality of service, load sharing and traffic reporting. Service-level agreements will assure reliable, high-quality IP-VPN performance.

"Deploying an IPv6-compatible system can require time, so now is the time for enterprises to begin preparing for the transition, starting by consider just how badly the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses could impact the company's overall ICT system," said Dr. Shin Miyakawa, Director of IP Core Technology, Innovative IP Architecture Center. "The new dual-stack service will enable companies to smoothly transition from IPv4 to IPv6 via a fully managed, high-quality global network, backed by the unmatched know-how and experience of NTT Com, operator of the world's first commercial global IPv6 backbone since 2001."

The company launched a Japan-only dual-stack Arcstar IP-VPN service in March 2009.