Monday, April 19, 2010

New Cloud Communications Alliance Backs Hosted IP Solutions

A Cloud Communications Alliance has been established to drive development and adoption of the first nationwide high-definition enterprise voice and data network in the IP "cloud." Initial backers of the consortium include Alteva, Broadcore, Callis Communications, Consolidated Technologies, IPFone, SimpleSignal, Stage 2 Networks and Telesphere -- which together claim over $100 million in combined annual revenue and collectively serve more than 110,000 business customers in the United States.

All eight CCA founding companies use Broadsoft's software platform to provide enterprises and consumers with a range of cloud-based, or hosted, IP multimedia communications, such as hosted-IP private branch exchanges, video calling, unified communications, collaboration, and converged mobile and fixed-line services.

Key collaboration points among members include:

  • Nationwide peering with interconnected switches and gateways across the country to drive network efficiencies and provide optimal HD voice quality.

  • Convergent end devices as the intelligence of the network in the cloud and an all-IP network make communications to multiple end devices and transparent hand-offs between computers, office phones and cellular phones a reality. In the cloud, a customer's phone or PC can be used equally for their office phone just as their landline phone was used in the past. In addition, cellular phones can be enabled with 4-digit PBX dialing, office message on hold, simultaneous ring and seamless handing off between end user devices.

  • A common support infrastructure to provide premier nationwide customer support through faster, more scalable and efficient back-office systems and processes made more accountable by regionally owned and operated service providers.

  • Unique features in the cloud instantly accessible by customers through the Cloud Communications Alliance "Sandbox." This unique capability will allow features and functionality to become instantly accessible for voice and data services by accessing the cloud, much the way popular apps are accessed today through app stores.

  • Joint product development, including the evaluation of new technologies and vendors, development of new products and applications, planning to standardize on the best third-party platforms, and joint introduction of new features and services.

  • An expanded network of remote field technicians to simplify support and increase customer savings.

  • Disaster recovery support across all Alliance members.

  • Shared best practices through regularly scheduled forums allowing engineering and sales teams to share and highlight their most-effective platform configurations, vertical solutions and service customizations, and to conduct shared training.

  • Thought leadership that merges shared competitive intelligence, coordinates the steering of vendor requirements, and executes joint marketing initiatives.

  • Planned collaboration for enhanced customer video conferencing capabilities.

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