Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Microsemi Releases Energy Efficient Power-over-Ethernet

Microsemi introduced highly efficient, single port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) midspans, featuring lowest power consumption in both no-load and load conditions. Microsemi's new single port midspans offer compact, fully IEEE 802.3af compliant solutions for remotely powering wireless LAN access points, IP security cameras, VoIP phones, access control systems and other low port density installations. The new midspans enable delivery of both data and power over a single standard RJ-45 cable, eliminating the need for external power supplies and their associated AC/DC power cabling, while providing affordable, safe and reliable power over existing Ethernet infrastructures.

In addition, Microsemi introduced a one-port Power-over-Ethernet manager chip (PD69101) capable of delivering 51 watts to powered devices while still complying with stringent IEEE802.3at-2009 requirements. The company said system designers also can go well beyond the IEEE standard to safely deliver up to 75W of power by using two of the new Microsemi PoE chipset devices over four pairs of Ethernet cable.

The IEEE802.3at-2009 standard defines sourcing of 30W over two pairs of Ethernet cable, guaranteeing delivery of 25.5W to powered devices across distances of up to 100m. The standard does not preclude delivering power over all 4-pairs in a CAT5 cable. Thus, Microsemi said its new PD69101 chip enables customers to build four-pair PSEs that can deliver 51W of fully standards-compliant power to a PD. Applications include a wide variety of power sourcing equipment including switches, routers and specialized platforms including PoE-enabled TVs and set-top boxes.

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